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Benefits of an HSA

A Health Savings Account (HSA) represents an opportunity for eligible individuals to lower their out-of- pocket health care costs and federal tax bill. Since most of us would like to take advantage of every available tax break, now might be a good time to consider an HSA, if eligible.

ERM: Getting Risk Under Control

Perhaps, after a couple of rough years, your company is finally back on solid financial footing. Or maybe you recently resolved a potentially ruinous lawsuit. Your business’s future looks bright again — then cyber criminals hack into your network and steal all of your customer data.

Updating Beneficiary Designations

Most of us have more than enough to do. We’re on the go from early in the morning until well into the evening — six or seven days a week. Thus, it’s no surprise that we may let some important things slide. We know we need to get to them, but it seems like they can just as easily wait until tomorrow, the next day, or whenever.

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