Simplify Tax Time

Understanding all the details and fine print of federal, state, and local tax laws is a full-time job. You already have a full-time job, so why take on another one—especially one where accuracy and expertise is so critical?

Our team at NUSSBAUM wants to take every aspect of preparing and filing tax returns off your list. No matter the size of your business, we’ll provide a custom service package tailored to your unique needs.

Tax & Business Services

Corporate Tax Planning

You may not realize that nearly every business decision you make can affect your taxes. Our experienced professionals will help you understand how that works and present options to help you reduce or defer tax obligations. Whether you’re worrying about compliance, corporate structuring, or if an acquisition deal is right, we’ll give you confidence to make the best decision for your business.

Individual Tax Planning

You want to maximize your deductions and write-offs while minimizing your liability. We can help you with that—but we can also help you devise a strategy throughout the year to mitigate the tax burden, manage assets, and grow your wealth. With a solid tax plan in place, you’ll set up your family for long-term security—and have fewer headaches during tax season.

SEC Reporting

The reporting requirements for public companies seem to be never-ending and always changing. Our experienced accounting team is familiar with every reporting need for large companies and can assist with preparing tax returns, tax planning, reporting transactions, and more. We have experience assisting both multi-state and multinational companies.

Start-up Engineering

Make sure your brilliant business is built to last. Our start-up and emerging entrepreneurial services are designed to get you off to a running start. Impress investors with your carefully-laid plans for sustained growth and make it easy on yourself when it’s time to expand.

Trusts & Estates

You’ve worked hard to provide for your family. It’s important to ensure your wealth is managed properly for the next generations with a sound trust and estate plan. You’ll be amazed at how relieved you feel when you know there’s a plan in place for after you’re gone. With us, you have a partner who will know and understand your unique situation and relationships to arrange an appropriate plan.

Family Office

Managing your accumulated wealth can be a job in itself. Let our experienced team take it on so you can enjoy what you’ve earned. We’ll assist you with everything from bill paying and payroll to gift tax planning and cash flow management.

Small Business

Allow us to take one hat from the many you wear as a small business owner—a very large and cumbersome hat. With our team managing your accounting and tax needs, from reconciling your accounts to tracking your bookkeeping, you can focus on growing your company.


As an entrepreneur, you need support. Our experienced team loves working with start-ups and young businesses—as successful entrepreneurs ourselves, we’re familiar with every high and low of establishing a business. We can handle your accounting and tax planning, as well as guide you through common pitfalls start-ups face. Take advantage of our network of bankers, attorneys, and investors. And no matter where you’re at in the funding process, we’ll work with you set up affordable fees and payments.

International Tax

Many of our clients feel overwhelmed and completely out of their depth when it comes to international taxes. We’ve dealt with all issues relating to international taxes, including compliance, entity structuring, expatriate taxation, and more. Our experience and association with RSM US Alliance gives us access to the best possible resources.


Payroll Tax

Getting to the point where you can start building a team and growing your business is exciting. Handling the paperwork associated with hiring and managing payroll isn’t. Don’t let that stop your growth—let our team take care of reporting payroll taxes in accordance with all state and federal laws.

Sales Tax

Understanding sales tax requires understanding some very complex state and local laws—everywhere you sell your products or services. Sales tax requirements can change state to state or whether you’re selling online. Instead of trying to keep track of it all yourself, let our experienced team assist you.

State and Local Tax

As if the federal tax code wasn’t complicated enough, states and localities have their own set of complex tax laws. Our experienced team is familiar with state and local taxes for every part of the country, and from income tax to property tax, we’ll make sure you’re filing correctly.

Preparation of 1098 & 1099

Businesses that make or receive certain types of payments (for example, interest payments from borrow to lender, or payments made to independent contractors) must file Forms 1098 and 1099 to declare these payments to the IRS. Our experienced team can help you make sense of when to file which form and make sure each one is completed and filed accurately.

Tax Resources

Our resources are designed to make it easy for you to manage your tax documents and processes. Visit the tax resources page to learn more.

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